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Haml varedat Iran

Haml varedat Iran initially established as Iran Pan Mondo International Transportation Company in the year 1981. Later, in the year 1982, due to the Iran's government policy in regards to changing all foreign names to Iranians, company underwent a change and transformed its name to Haml Varedat Iran Co. SA and has been operating under the same name ever since. In the year 1985 due to expansion of the company, Hamle Varedat Iran obtained necessary licenses from Iran's Ports and maritime organizations and officially started its activities in sea transportation.


Havi Terminal (Located in Bandar Abbas Port)

Havi Terminal

With 500,000 Sqm area in company's possession, This Terminal considered one of the largest terminals in Bandar Abbas port that belongs to the private section. Moreover, Havi Terminal contains different types of warehousing facilities: industrial sheds, outdoors, enclosed warehouses that are suitable for heavy, bulk cargo. Furthermore, Havi Terminal is licensed by Iran's environmental safety organization for warehousing all sorts of cargo even the chemicals.

In addition, Havi Terminal has 12 commercial offices, exclusive weighbridge and a particular area solely for the purpose of cleaning, maintenance and warehousing containers. one of the company's recent and ongoing projects is to connect Havi terminal directly to Iran's Railway. This project is undertaken with the cooperation of Iran's Railway Company and Hamle varedat Iran and will increase the speed of transporting cargo and transit by Railway.



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